Tide – Explain

Tide – 40×30 Inch – Oil on Board


2012 – American Artists Association won the Gold Medal at the 21st National Exhibition.

2014 – 12th National Art Exhibition Hong Kong, Maucao, overseas Chinese pavilion outstanding works.

This painting is stunning. It has great drama and mood. The extreme foreshortening of the boat, such as what one might see in a close-up photograph, creates wonderful depth.Additionally, the diagonals created by the boat’s shadow and the greenish stains on the beach take the viewer right to the boat. Such a strong, immediate pull to the center of interest – and having the center of interest in the center of the canvas, as it is here – can often be a negative. But in this case, the perspective lines of the boat allow the viewer’s eye to continue to travel into the distance to the stormy sky. In many ways, the painting reminds me of some of the work of the Wyeths (Andrew and Jamie), who often used strong, simple compositions that broke the “rules.”